South Atlantic Region

There are many hydrocarbon plays on the continental margins of the South Atlantic and sub-Andean basins. South Atlantic opening during the Mesozoic largely controlled the characteristics and plays in many of these basins. CASP South Atlantic research has integrated literature and field-based data from a number of areas to understand better the distribution of plays on both sides of the Atlantic.

History of Research

CASP carried out extensive research in the South Atlantic region between 1996 and 2001 in collaboration with institutions in North and South America (CIG: La Plata, Argentina; UTIG: Austin, Texas; Unisinos: Porto Alegre and University of Brasilia, Brazil). A series of over 30 reports, including reviews, palinspastic plate reconstructions and field studies, is available.

Key Geological Topics Covered

Topics covered include the evolution of the sedimentary basins of the South Atlantic and Andean margins; the controls on South Atlantic opening; the controls on sand supply to the West African basins and fieldwork results from key hydrocarbon basins including the Falklands & Malvinas, Neuquén and Sergipe-Alagoas. Further details of geological topics can be found through the links to specific areas.