North Atlantic Region

The North Atlantic margins host a number of important hydrocarbon bearing provinces, some of which are now reaching maturity (Mid-Norway, Newfoundland) and others which are true exploration frontiers (Barents Shelf, North East Greenland Shelf, Northwest Africa, Portugal). CASP research provides critical data, often collected in challenging environments, to aid exploration.

History of Research

CASP’s origins in 1975 are in the northern part of this region, on the Barents shelf, the gateway to the Arctic. Since then our research and expertise in the North Atlantic region has continued to evolve and expand. In addition to Spitsbergen, fieldwork has now been undertaken in East Greenland, the Faroes and on the Canary Islands. Our work in the North Atlantic benefits from the wider perspective of working alongside projects in Arctic Canada and Arctic Russia.

Key Geological Topics Covered

In addition to the long running Greenland-Norway Project, there are projects investigating the geological evolution of the Barents Shelf, the Mauritanian to Porcupine basins on the eastern side of the Atlantic and the Baltimore Canyon Trough to Orphan basins on the western side of the Atlantic, and the impact of basalts on the hydrocarbons system of the Faroes. Reviews form a fundamental part of the work in all these areas and provide a foundation for further research focused on all elements of the hydrocarbon system. We are also undertaking source to sink studies as well as integrated biostratigraphic work.