China Region

As China has the world's largest population and one of the fastest growing and dynamic economies, it naturally has a rapidly increasing demand for oil and gas. This extra need will be met partly by imports, but China's own basins will remain crucially important for its energy needs. The basins of China have a varied geology, with reservoirs from fractured Precambrian basement to Neogene fluvial clastics occurring within individual basins. No doubt more oil and gas remains to be found.

History of Research

Between 1991 and 2001 CASP produced 58 reports on the hydrocarbon geology of China. Some reports are based on original fieldwork, others are broad regional syntheses; some involve analysis of subsurface samples. Most major basins are covered.

Key Geological Topics Covered

Reports cover both onshore and offshore basins, including Bohai, Tarim, Sichuan, Junggar, Songliao, Ordos and the basins of the East and South China seas. They aim to provide data and ideas that help company exploration or production efforts. They range in scope from regional reviews to analysis of sub-surface samples for organic geochemistry and diagenetic history. Further details or information about individual regions of China covered can be found through links to specific areas.