Greenland-Norway Project Permian source rock study 2018-2019

This work will build on the wealth of data generated by the 2017-2018 phase of the Permian source rock study. During this initial phase, information was collected from 22 sections through the Ravnefjeld Formation spread over 315 km along the margin of the Permian Basin. The work helped in the definition of formation boundaries, permitted a re-evaluation of the sedimentology of the Late Permian succession and provided information about lateral thickness variations and controls on source rock quality. However, the results highlighted a need for more data from under-mature areas and on oil-oil, oil-source and U-TOC correlations. Additionally, it is not known if Permian-sourced oil is present in other parts of the stratigraphy, nor is it possible to accurately locate the P-T boundary or to correlate the Ravnefjeld Formation between sections.

Main Objectives

  • To log and sample 6 sections in under mature areas.
  • Analyse the source rock geochemistry of more under mature samples.
  • A review of the crystalline basement to improve terrane models and the framework for the interpretation of sandstone provenance studies.
  • Test for a Late Permian source of oil within the wider stratigraphy.
  • A refinement of Triassic sand dispersal patterns by further field and sedimentary provenance investigations.
  • Test for a Late Permian source of oil within the wider stratigraphy.
  • Further constrain maturity and burial history.
  • Assess the connectivity of the Late Permian basin.
  • Constrain depositional timing and regional correlations.

Project length: 12 months from July 2018
Contact: Adam Szulc