Flood Basalt Impact on Hydrocarbon Systems Project 2016-2018

Hydrocarbon exploration has increasingly moved into volcanic basins, where intra-volcanic discoveries have been made. Through analogue studies, this project will address the many uncertainties that still remain concerning lava field sedimentation, reservoir architectures and properties, migration pathways and the effects of volcanism on sub-volcanic sedimentary sections. There are five main elements to this phase that address these uncertainties as well as being of specific relevance to exploration along the East African Rift.

Main Objectives

  • To elucidate the impact of volcanic debris on diagenesis, reservoir properties and sealing capacities of sandstones
  • To understand the impact of volcanism on the provenance of sub- and intra-volcanic sandstones of the Northwestern Highlands, Ethiopia
  • To document the response of drainage systems to their incremental filling by lava flows in the Northwestern Highlands, Ethiopia
  • To investigate the thermal maturation history of the sedimentary succession beneath the Ethiopian Flood Basalt Province and its implications for petroleum generation
  • To constrain the timing, duration and development of a major fluvial-lacustrine interlava sequence within the Ethiopian Flood Basalt Province

Project length: 24 months from November 2016.
Contact: Simon Passey

Reports Issued in this Project