Dinarides–Hellenides Project 2016-2018

The external Dinarides and Hellenides are an underexplored fold and thrust belt in south-eastern Europe, with an emerging petroleum potential. Uncertainty in seismic interpretation in the deep subsurface will be reduced by focused field-based studies that will add constraints on structural architecture, deformation timing and sediment transport pathways in order to better understand hydrocarbon systems.

Main Objectives

  • Construct regional transects in the northern external Hellenides to constrain the style and amount of shortening and their changes across transverse tectonic zones.
  • Understand the structural architecture across transverse zones in the external Hellenides by structural geological field work in selected regions.
  • Constrain the lateral extent and timing of potential out-of-sequence thrusting in the fold and thrust belt in southern Albania and north-western Greece.
  • Review the literature on the provenance and burial history of the external Dinaric–Hellenic syn-orogenic clastic successions.
  • Undertake initial provenance and thermochronological studies of the external Dinaric and Hellenic flysch.
  • Document the hydrocarbon potential of the Okshtuni tectonic window.

Project length: 24 months from May 2016.
Contact: Marton Palotai

Reports Issued in this Project