Black Sea Project: Northwest Black Sea Sediment Delivery 2015-2017

This project investigates Late Miocene to Early Pleistocene siliciclastic sediment supply to the NW Black Sea.

Main Objectives

  • Differentiate sandstones derived from the southern Carpathians and the palaeo-Danube in the Dacian Basin and Black Sea, using petrography and heavy minerals.
  • Link the upper and lower parts of the East Carpathian depositional system and understand when and why it terminated using the petrography and heavy mineral composition of sandstones.
  • Differentiate the ancient Danube, southern Carpathian, Dniester and Dnieper depositional systems using zircon and apatite U-Pb ages of detrital grains.
  • Create a GIS database of published U-Pb age data from potential sediment source regions supplying sediment to the NW Black Sea to aid interpretation of new data.
  • Construct a chronostratigraphically calibrated biostratigraphic section for the Neogene in the southeast Carpathians for use as a regional reference point.
  • Investigate discrepancies between published and unpublished petrographic work in the SE Carpathians.

Project length: 24 months from May 2015.
Contact: Stephen Vincent

Reports Issued in this Project