Black Sea Project 2016-2018

Large data sets have been collected by CASP since the inception of the Black Sea Project in 2000. These have begun to constrain the composition, provenance and reservoir potential of sandstones within the basin’s sediment source regions. The main focus of this project phase will be the integration of these data sets to provide a basin-wide model for reservoir quality variations. This model will be tested by the analysis of well material from the basin itself. Provenance studies in Crimea and Bulgaria will be carried out to further populate the regional database. A compilation of U-Pb zircon ages from potential sediment source areas to the region will also be used to interpret provenance.

Main Objectives

  • The development of regional models to predict post-rift siliciclastic reservoir quality in the Black Sea.
  • The characterisation of the Crimean provenance area.
  • Further examination of the provenance of Miocene sandstones on the Kerch Peninsula and their implications for sediment sourcing to the Subbotina Field.
  • Well sample characterisation of offshore reservoir intervals.
  • The compilation of an integrated U-Pb zircon age database for the Black Sea region.
  • A detailed provenance study of depositional systems shed into the Bulgarian sector of the southwestern Black Sea.

Project length: 24 months from February 2016.
Contact: Stephen Vincent

Reports Issued in this Project