Mike Curtis




Mike Curtis received his Bsc (hons) in 1989 from the University College of Wales, Aberystwyth, and a PhD at the University of Durham in 1993. His thesis focussed on Miocene age transpressional inversion of the Lusitanian Basin, Portugal, in particular the detailed kinematic evolution of fault systems.

Mike joined the British Antarctic Survey in 1993 and conducted nine Antarctic and sub-Antarctic field seasons studying a number of Palaeozoic to Mesozoic age fold belts, as well as, dyke emplacement associated with the Karoo plume. In 1997, Mike participated in a joint UK University – GEUS expedition to southwest Greenland to study the North-western Border Zone of the Ketilidian Orogen. During his Antarctic service Mike spent over 2 years on the ice conducting fieldwork and logged over 7000km travel by snowmobile, and was awarded the Polar Medal in 2011 .

Mike joined CASP in November 2011 to work in the European Russian Arctic. He became Managing Director in 2019.

Latest Publications