Marton Palotai




Marton Palotai received his MSc in 2005 and his PhD in 2013 from Eötvös University, Budapest. His PhD focused on the Oligocene and Miocene tectonic evolution of the Mid-Hungarian Shear Zone and revealed multiple compressional and strike-slip deformational phases using high resolution seismic datasets and restoration techniques.

Marton was an assistant lecturer at Eötvös University from 2006, teaching structural geology, geological mapping, seismic interpretation and geological modelling. He also researched the Pannonian Basin and surrounding areas and worked as a structural geology consultant for hydrocarbon exploration companies on various projects in the Pannonian Basin, the Oman mountains, the Kurdish Zagros and the North Sea.

Marton joined CASP in May 2014 and is currently project leader of the Dinarides-Hellenides Project.

Latest Publications