Benoit Vautravers




Benoit Vautravers graduated in 1991 from the "Ecole Nationale Supérieure de Chimie et Physique de Bordeaux", obtaining an Engineer Diploma (MSc) in Chemistry and Physics. In 1995, he obtained a MSc in Paleoceanography with honors from the University of Bordeaux with the specialty of geochemistry. The subject of his MSc thesis was the study by gas chromatography and GCMS of non-aromatic hydrocarbons in a marine core drilled off the Mauritanian coast.

Benoit Vautravers has worked in the field of medical analysis (analysis of metallic elements in blood), paleoceanography (isotopic analysis of sediments) and the environment (environmental certification of a paper factory, storage of CO2 in the oceans and the quality of waters of the Gironde river).

Benoit has worked in CASP since 2002. His main interests are CASP database structures and schemas and the preparation of the fieldwork maps on mobile devices and traditional prints.

Latest Publications