2018 Award Winners

The winners of the 2018 CASP Research Awards for Geological Fieldwork were:

Bébhinn Anders (University of Galway)
Mixed signals: Understanding cryptic provenance of Carboniferous deltas

Sam Brooke-Barnett (Imperial College, London)
The effects of salt tectonics in the evolution of a fold and thrust belt

Jessica Pugsley (University of Aberdeen)
Three-dimensional modelling of lava accumulations of the British Palaeogene Volcanic Province

Anthony Shillito (University of Cambridge)
Shifts in ichnology character during the Late Paleozoic evolution of the Maritimes Basin, Atlantic Canada

Euan Soutter and Zoë Cumberpatch (joint award; University of Manchester)
The influence of steep-sided basin physiography on deep-marine clastic depositional systems: an example from the Cretaceous turbidites of Azerbaijan