Conferences and Meetings

CASP staff and scientific partners frequently present the non-confidential aspects of CASP research at national and international academic and industry conferences and meetings.

Current and upcoming conferences are listed below. Please browse our meeting archive for older entries.

AAPG Europe Region Paratethys Petroleum Systems Between Central Europe and the Caspian Region
26/03/2019 - 27/03/2019, 2019. Vienna
Vincent, S.J. Petroleum Systems in the Paratethys Session Co-Chair
van Baak, C.G.C. Stratigraphy and Sequence Stratigraphy Session Co-Chair
van Baak, C.G.C., Vincent, S.J., Shiyanova, N., Richards, K., Aghayeva, V., Krijgsman, W. and Santos, C. Establishing a stratigraphic reference section for the Middle Miocene marine deposits of Azerbaijan Conference Paper
Vincent, S.J., Törő, B., Morton, A.C., Hyden, F., Pointon, M.A., Shiers, M.N. and Frei, D. Mapping depositional systems from the East Balkan thrust belt to the southwest Black Sea – provenance and reservoir quality implications at the transition between Peri- and Para-Tethys Conference Paper
Jorissen, E.L., de Leeuw, A., van Baak, C.G.C., Mandic, O., Stoica, M., Abels, H.A. and Krijgsman, W. Sedimentary architecture and depositional controls of a Pliocene river-dominated delta in the semi-isolated Dacian Basin Conference Paper
Aghayeva, V., Sachsenhofer, R.F., Shiyanova, N., Vincent, S.J. and van Baak, C.G.C. The hydrocarbon potential of Miocene rocks in Azerbaijan (Maikop Group, Diatom Suite) Conference Paper
van Baak, C.G.C. and Simon, D. What triggered 20 million years of anoxia in central Eurasia? Conference Paper