Conferences and Meetings

CASP staff and scientific partners frequently present the non-confidential aspects of CASP research at national and international academic and industry conferences and meetings.

Current and upcoming conferences are listed below. Please browse our meeting archive for older entries.

WGSG IV - Working Group on Sediment Generation
27/06/2018 - 29/06/2018, 2018. Dublin
Flowerdew, M.J., Fleming, E.J., Chew, D.M., Morton, A.C., Biszczuk, M., Frei, D. and Daly, J.S. A sedimentary provenance study of modern river sands from northern Fennoscandia and its insight into the source of Mesozoic successions deposited on the southwest Barents Shelf. Conference Poster
Nauton-Fourteu, M., Tyrrell, S. and Morton, A.C. Heavy mineral variations in deltaic sandstones: towards a better understanding of pre-depositional sediment history? Conference Poster
Dunkl, I., von Eynatten, H., Lünsdorf, K., Andò, S. and Morton, A.C. Babel or Esperanto? The need of finding a common language in heavy mineral analyses Conference Talk
2018 Conjugate Margins Conference
19/08/2018 - 22/08/2018, 2018. Halifax, Nova Scotia
Pierce, C., Schneider, S. and Hülse, P. Jurassic-Early Cretaceous stratigraphy of North Atlantic sedimentary basins: A Review Conference Poster
The 5th International Palaeontological Congress
09/07/2018-13/07/2018, 2018. Paris
Schneider, S., Shaw, D. and TYing, T. The long-lived Lake Nanning and its endemic and non-endemic fossil biota Conference Talk