Our Status

CASP is a Registered Charity (No. 298729) and a Company Limited by Guarantee (No. 02210675) that is affiliated to the Department of Earth Sciences at Cambridge University, UK. The Company was formed in pursuance of a Memorandum and Articles of Association (9 November 1987).

As a Charity, CASP is a non-profit-making research organisation. Its objectives are the advancement of public education by conducting research into the geology of regions throughout the world and the publication of the useful results of such research.

Board of Trustees (COM)

The Trustees of CASP operating as the Committee of Management (COM) have the same overall function as the Board of a company. The current Trustees are:

  • Dr J.P.P Hirst (Chairman)
  • Dr A. Buckley
  • Dr P.F. Friend
  • Professor S.A. Gibson
  • Dr D.M.D. James
  • Dr S.J. Kape
  • Dr B.K. Levell
  • Professor J.E.A. Marshall (Company Secretary)
  • Dr G.J. Nichols
  • Dr J.R. Parker
  • Mr C.A.G. Pickton
  • Dr M.J. Whiteley

Scientific Advisory Board (SAB)

CASP has an active Scientific Advisory Board composed of senior executives from the international oil industry and of scientists from leading academic institutions. The Board monitors the quality of CASP's research and advises on future opportunities.