Conferences and Meetings

CASP staff and scientific partners frequently present the non-confidential aspects of CASP research at national and international academic and industry conferences and meetings.

Current and upcoming conferences are listed below. Please browse our meeting archive for older entries.

4th International Palaeontological Congress
28 Sep-3 Oct, 2014. Mendoza, Argentina
Kelly, S.R.A. The Cretaceous seaway in the North Atlantic region - a molluscan viewpoint Keynote
Schneider, S. and Kelly, S.R.A. A global perspective of the Trigoniida (Bivalvia: Palaeoheterodonta), with a focus on their Mesozoic and Cenozoic representatives Talk
Thusu, B., Paris, F., Rasul, S., Meinhold, G., Booth, G., Machado, G., Abutarruma, Y. and Whitham, A.G. The enigmatic palynomorph Tortotubus Protuberans from the latest Ordovician Poster
Schneider, S., Bank, R.A., Bieler, R., Bouchet, P., Decock, W., Dekeyzer, S., Gofas, S., Kroh, A., Marshall, B., Neubauer, T.A., Neubert, E., Rosenberg, G., Sartori, A.F., Trias-Verbeeck, A., Vandepitte, L. and Vanhoorne, B. MolluscaBase – World Register of Marine Species goes fossil Poster
24th Earth Sciences Meeting
27-31 Oct, 2014. Pau, France
Gągała, L., Ringenbach, J., Ratschbacher, L., Kässner, A., Abdulhameed, S., Szulc, A., Gloaguen, R., Rajabov, N. and Mirkamalov, R. On the structure of the Tajik Depression (western foreland of the Pamir) and the problem of the amount of convergence between the Pamir and the Asia interior Talk
PETEX 2014
18-20 Nov, 2014. London, UK
Flowerdew, M., Fleming, E.J., Tyrell, S. and Daly, J.S. A new look at the provenance of sandstones deposited on the Barents Shelf using lead isotopes in detrital K-feldspar Poster