Conferences and Meetings

CASP staff and scientific partners frequently present the non-confidential aspects of CASP research at national and international academic and industry conferences and meetings.

Current and upcoming conferences are listed below. Please browse our meeting archive for older entries.

Petroleum Geology of the Black Sea
6-7 Oct, 2015. The Geological Society, London, UK
Vincent, S.J., De Leeuw, A., Hyden, F., Garzanti, E., Vezzoli, G., Lavrishchev, V.A., Barabadze, T.G., Vangelov, D., Matoshko, A.V., Stoica, M., Morton, A.C., Fanning, M., Carter, A. and Somin, M.L. Predicting siliciclastic reservoir presence and quality in the Black Sea Keynote
De Leeuw, A. Field insights into sediment delivery to the northwest Black Sea Talk
Travertine and Tufa Workshop
5-8 Nov, 2015. Pamukkale University, Turkey
Guo, L., de Ronde, A., Biszczuk, M., Thery, M. and Virgone, A. A global spring carbonate GIS database in tectonically active settings Keynote
AAPG short course: Geochronology applied to petroleum geology
23-25 Nov, 2015. University of Geneva, Switzerland
Flowerdew, M. Using geochronology of detrital minerals for maximum age of deposition, for paleogeographic reconstruction Keynote